In 1986, as a condition of receiving federal government funding, AIDS Vancouver was prohibited from providing treatment information and lobbying for experimental drugs. Opposing these restrictions, a handful of visionaries established the Vancouver Persons with AIDS Coalition - a grassroots group which encouraged PWAs to empower themselves by advocating for their rights and their health.

The Society’s logo debuted in April, 1990. The image of a pair of outstretched wings against a gradient blue sky, with a single feather below, was developed by former Society Chair Pei Lim. The wings represented freedom through empowerment, support through caring, and strength through abilities. Fully extended, the wings conveyed motion - bearing news, awareness, and hope. The sky signied a new dawn and the feather was a tribute to lost lives.

In 2003, a new logo was launched to reect evolution at BCPWA. The image of a purple ribbon arched over the Society name combines blue from the Society’s rst logo with red from the AIDS ribbon, representing a bridge between past and present. Untied, the ribbon encompasses the diverse AIDS community.

In 2011, the society once again changed it's name to the Positive Living Society of BC to reflect the changing experience of people living with HIV.