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A foot soldier for maternal health Gretchen Roedde was a general practitioner in a small northern Ontario town when, in 1987, she... 14 December
A global approach to medical training Adam McInnes's medical school practicum in Mozambique was lifechanging. The second-year University... 22 July
Roadside market stalls in Accra.  A good day in Ghana It was in Ghana, West Africa that I was asked the most troubling question by an interview subject.... 28 July
Peggy Frank A hard pill to swallow for Oak Bay artist   Reyataz. Kaletra. Zerit. Norvir. The names, strange to pronounce and numerous in variety,... 26 April
A life stained by stigma, now rich in love A positive HIV diagnosis left Bradford McIntyre ostracized and isolated; but because of St. Paul’s... 26 October A look at the history of AIDS in the U.S. PICTURES THROUGH TIME Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier identified HIV — the virus that causes AIDS... 19 July
Dr. Julio Montaner A made-in-Canada health strategy is making waves worldwide – just not in Canada TORONTO — Last month, Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital took a step that not long ago would’ve been... 4 July
Man sitting by brick wall A mission to break down HIV stigma FILM director Mikey Trotter did not hesitate at the opportunity to be the creative mastermind... 3 July
Karakatsanis and Moldaver A more cautious Supreme Court? The appointment of two new justices to the Supreme Court of Canada may not, as some progressive... 10 November
Heather McLean A New Beginning (Kamloops) While waiting in jail to be sentenced for multiple convictions on breaches of probation,... 30 April
A New Year’s challenge: What would you do this year if you weren’t afraid? Despite my years of experience with abandoned New Year’s resolutions, I still enjoy the... 11 January
Red ribbon A Philippine oasis for HIV/AIDS patients Manila, Philippines - A cramped office on a four-storey rundown building in one of the Philippine... 6 August
A Portable HIV Test That Provides Results In Minutes One day soon, consumers may have more than just sketchy Internet information to help them self-... 27 November
Doctor pricking finger for blood test A Prescription for Ending the HIV Epidemic Antiretroviral treatment can enable HIV-infected Americans to avoid the debilitating illnesses and... 17 September
Stethoscope A prescription for reform needed in health care system As Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia, my role is to inform the public about... 1 May
A roll of the dice no way to determine a teen's future System gambles with the lives of our throwaway children - and loses They are our lost children. The... 17 August
Jon A roof over his head Life started out pretty good, says Jon quietly, volleying between glances at the window and eye... 5 January
Stop Concurrency camapign A Seattle AIDS campaign stirs charges of racism The focus is on reducing disproportionate disease risk among parts of the black population. Much of... 25 August
HIV+ A tale of two epidemics: HIV and unjust criminalization This week, some 30,000 people from around the world are gathering in Washington at theInternational... 27 July
Red ribbon A tale of two nations: First Peoples’ experiences with HIV and the need for more appropriate data in Australia and Canada In the high-income countries of Canada and Australia, First Peoples face serious challenges to... 22 July
A thousand Catholic priests fear that equal marriage marks a return to ‘centuries of persecution’ More than a thousand Catholic priests have signed a letter saying that if equal marriage is... 19 January
Red ribbon A Victory for Iowans Living with HIV and AIDS In the early hours of May 1, a historic bill passed the Iowa House that will modernize Iowa's... 5 May
A victory for Novartis could spell death for millions A case being heard in the Indian Supreme Court on Tuesday could signal a death sentence for Loon... 8 September
AA Bronson AA Bronson: The last prankster AA Bronson's business card says “Healer,” and like anything having to do with the last surviving... 24 May
AAP Circumcision Policy 'Seriously Flawed', Condemned by Canadian Children's Rights Group VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- (Marketwire) -- 08/27/12 -- A recently released policy on infant male... 28 August