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The '610 Diet Plan' is a Public Service Announcement about the outrageously low 610 Diet Plan 19 July
 Jane Pia Bangbe, Western Equatoria Director of HIV/AIDS Commission 8000 people with HIV/AIDS in South Sudan affected as funds get suspended The South Sudan HIV/AIDS Commission Director in Western Equatoria State (WES), Jane Pia Bangbe says... 23 February
Mariela Castro A 'no' vote breaks tradition in usually unanimous Cuban parliament - and it's cast by a Castro HAVANA - Yet another revolutionary tradition has been broken in Cuba: A lawmaker voted "no" in... 20 August
A Changing Landscape in Fighting AIDS - Scientist and Community Leaders Look Ahead in 2012 This summer, more than 25,000 leading scientists, public health experts, policy-makers, community... 18 May
The Harvest Co-op, a project started by Literacy Lives participants A community 'knows its own needs best' On a rainy February afternoon in the downtown offices of AIDS Vancouver, Mikey Arzadon and Valerie... 9 March
A condom in every jail cell Sensitivity training for health care workers, improved counselling for HIV-infected men and the... 21 July
Bob Tivey (San Francisco, 1983) A fearless AIDS pioneer Bob Tivey, 1943-2011 AIDS Vancouver co-founder Bob Tivey is being remembered as a fearless and... 21 March
A foot soldier for maternal health Gretchen Roedde was a general practitioner in a small northern Ontario town when, in 1987, she... 14 December
A global approach to medical training Adam McInnes's medical school practicum in Mozambique was lifechanging. The second-year University... 22 July
Roadside market stalls in Accra.  A good day in Ghana It was in Ghana, West Africa that I was asked the most troubling question by an interview subject.... 28 July
Peggy Frank A hard pill to swallow for Oak Bay artist   Reyataz. Kaletra. Zerit. Norvir. The names, strange to pronounce and numerous in variety,... 26 April
A life stained by stigma, now rich in love A positive HIV diagnosis left Bradford McIntyre ostracized and isolated; but because of St. Paul’s... 26 October A look at the history of AIDS in the U.S. PICTURES THROUGH TIME Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier identified HIV — the virus that causes AIDS... 19 July
Dr. Julio Montaner A made-in-Canada health strategy is making waves worldwide – just not in Canada TORONTO — Last month, Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital took a step that not long ago would’ve been... 4 July
Man sitting by brick wall A mission to break down HIV stigma FILM director Mikey Trotter did not hesitate at the opportunity to be the creative mastermind... 3 July
Karakatsanis and Moldaver A more cautious Supreme Court? The appointment of two new justices to the Supreme Court of Canada may not, as some progressive... 10 November
Heather McLean A New Beginning (Kamloops) While waiting in jail to be sentenced for multiple convictions on breaches of probation,... 30 April
A New Year’s challenge: What would you do this year if you weren’t afraid? Despite my years of experience with abandoned New Year’s resolutions, I still enjoy the... 11 January
Red ribbon A Philippine oasis for HIV/AIDS patients Manila, Philippines - A cramped office on a four-storey rundown building in one of the Philippine... 6 August
A Portable HIV Test That Provides Results In Minutes One day soon, consumers may have more than just sketchy Internet information to help them self-... 27 November
Doctor pricking finger for blood test A Prescription for Ending the HIV Epidemic Antiretroviral treatment can enable HIV-infected Americans to avoid the debilitating illnesses and... 17 September
Stethoscope A prescription for reform needed in health care system As Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia, my role is to inform the public about... 1 May
A roll of the dice no way to determine a teen's future System gambles with the lives of our throwaway children - and loses They are our lost children. The... 17 August
Jon A roof over his head Life started out pretty good, says Jon quietly, volleying between glances at the window and eye... 5 January
Stop Concurrency camapign A Seattle AIDS campaign stirs charges of racism The focus is on reducing disproportionate disease risk among parts of the black population. Much of... 25 August