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“UCLA IMPACT 2012” HIV/AIDS Global Contest by CHIPTS Launches On May 15th Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 17, 2012 CHIPTS, the Center for HIV Identification Prevention and... 18 May
Sibongile Dube, Zimbabwean woman wearing hat “Surviving day by day” with hunger and HIV For Sibongile Dube, surviving on just one meal a day was tough. The mother of four was getting... 4 March
The TRAWUN included communities “Solutions that work for us”: Indigenous people tackle HIV in South America Ahead of the International Day of the World's Indigenous People, celebrated 9 August, communities... 16 August
Vincent Fuqua, left, talks with some of the men who attended a recent reception ’Speak Out’ Campaigns Against HIV Stigma   The signs are hard to miss. Exit a Muni train at the Castro station, and the wall-sized... 28 October
Dr. Julio Montaner ‘Treatment as Prevention’ Can’t Succeed Without a Major Focus on Human Rights This week, world leaders, delegates and community advocates from around the world are meeting in... 28 July
‘People Think It’s Over’: Spared death, aging people with HIV struggle to live Steve Schalchlin would be the first to tell you he lives in a time of miracles, and about how hard... 2 June
Michel Sidibe, Executive Director, UNAIDS in New Delhi on 04 July, 2011 ‘India has to play a critical role in HIV prevention' Michel Sidibe, executive director of UNAIDS, asks India to reduce its dependence on external... 9 August
‘I don’t want to be only person cured of HIV’ Early reports identified him only as “the Berlin patient.” But Timothy Ray Brown, the first person... 19 June
Chris Frise, right, a volunteer for the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection ‘Get your free condoms here’ shoutouts not cool with some festival-goers While Sunfest is known for great food, music and multiculturalism, it’s not known for the promotion... 12 July
‘Flagrant disregard’ for HIV-positive patients Johannesburg - Thousands of people living with HIV in the Eastern Cape are in catastrophic danger... 20 June
‘Cured of AIDS’? Not Yet What to make of all the recent “cured of AIDS” headlines? An American in Berlin, a baby in... 30 April
‘Criminal’ cuts to AIDS fund make Africa’s dire situation even worse As donors cut back on funds for HIV treatment, new data is revealing how many millions of... 1 December
Couple holding hands ‘Couples’ HIV screenings becoming more popular   SEATTLE – A growing HIV testing program is rebelling against a culture of medical privacy by... 23 October
‘Communities’ include people with addictions On Sept. 29, 2011, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) ruled that the federal government could not... 14 June
‘Awareness regarding HIV/AIDS can help prevent disease’ LAHORE: Punjab Youth Affairs Secretary Haroon Ahmad Khan on Friday stressed the need for discussing... 11 January
Zuma Zuma: HIV/Aids remains a problem for Africa "The leadership of the African Union considers Aids, tuberculosis (TB), malaria and other... 30 May
Zimbabwe: UNAIDS, ILO to Launch HIV Initiative UNAIDS and the International Labour Organisation will launch a new global initiative to provide... 13 June
Myanmar Zimbabwe: HIV patients should not bear financial burden of donor retreat In Zimbabwe, there are at least 66,000 people living with HIV who face the prospect of losing... 7 June
Artwork for documentary film 'Tapestries of Hope' by filmmaker Michealene Cristi Zimbabwe: Even with ‘Tapestries of Hope’ girl child violence continues Three-year-old Runyararo screams every time she sees a man. She was found abandoned at a bus... 29 November
Tawanda Sarireni Zimbabwe-based artists’ exhibit benefits AIDS project MARSHALL — When Tawanda Sarireni, a renowned Shonan artist from Zimbabwe, sees a stone, he doesn’t... 20 February
Map of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe MPs surrender to circumcision scalpel in AIDS fight Forty-four members of Zimbabwe's parliament were circumcised on Friday as part of a national HIV/... 26 June
Man with bare chest in rainstorm Zero Patience: A musical comedy about AIDS What happens when you mix early ’90s dance music, Andrew Lloyd Webber-style theatrics, and perhaps... 19 November
Zero Patience Zero Patience As part of its “We Demand: History/Sex/Activism in Canada” series, there is a rare showing of Zero... 5 July
Red ribbon Zero HIV transmission risk uncertain in serodiscordant couples with ART Findings from a systematic review suggest that the available data do not support a zero risk for... 23 April
UNAIDS logo Zero Discrimination Day to be celebrated 1 March 2014 GENEVA, 27 February 2014—UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé launched the Zero... 3 March