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World AIDS Day: 25 Years of Progress Today is the 25th World AIDS Day -- our pandemic is now old enough to have reached such a milestone... 1 December
World AIDS Day, 2013: What’s the prescription for an ‘AIDS-free’ Canada?   On December 1, World AIDS Day, let’s take a measure of our progress in achieving an ‘AIDS-... 28 October
World AIDS Day observed in Regina   A handful of people lit candles and gathered in a circle at the base of the Regina Cenotaph... 4 December
World AIDS Day highlights Vancouver's successes but challenges remain World AIDS Day at the Dr. Peter Centre began the same way every day does -- with a hearty, well-... 8 December
Nepalese People light candles in the shape of the red ribbon, the universal symb World AIDS Day Canada 2011: Organizations Seek To Raise Awareness "There are more people today living with HIV in Canada than there were 10 years ago," says... 6 December
World AIDS Day 2012: Closing in on global HIV targets 29 NOVEMBER 2012 | GENEVA - "Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero deaths from AIDS-... 1 December
World AIDS Day 2012 events in Montreal This story was originally published on the Pop Tart blog. December 1 is World AIDS Day which... 1 December
A man receives treatment at a hospice for those dying of AIDS in Lopburi, Thaila World abandoning promises on AIDS On December 1, we commemorated World AIDS Day, acknowledging the many significant strides we’ve... 8 December
Scott Harrison, RN Workshop speaker delivers wake up call Scott Harrison pulls no punches when it comes to addressing how health care providers treat their... 16 September
Location of East Vancouver neighbourhoods. Solid-coloured neighbourhoods are alw Working the frontlines to beat HIV/AIDS in the Downtown Eastside Jacey Larochelle says seeing the lives of her clients living with HIV/AIDS in the Downtown Eastside... 19 June
Women’s HIV statement launched   31 recommendations include issues specific to females, transgender people   Much... 26 November
HIV pamphlet Women’s Day shines light on HIV infection in Saskatchewan A number of community groups are drawing attention to HIV/AIDS and its connection to violence... 10 March
Generic, Health Women, aboriginals, new Canadians see rise in HIV Toronto has more HIV and AIDS cases than ever before, with an estimated one in 120 adults in the... 1 December
UNAIDS Logo Women's football teams 'Give AIDS the Red Card' Captains of national football teams competing in the upcoming FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 soccer... 28 June
Women with HIV/AIDS face hostile hospitals There are delays in diagnosis and treatment which affect their health, the women say When Selvi... 4 March
Yale crest Women with HIV underserved coming out of jail NEW HAVEN >> Women released from jail with HIV fare significantly worse than men do,... 21 January
Women with HIV may suffer more From hot flashes THURSDAY, July 11 (HealthDay News) -- As women infected with HIV live longer, new evidence is... 12 July
Women with HIV feel 'under surveillance' during pregnancy and early motherhood Women living with HIV are subject to questioning, monitoring and surveillance of their choices... 22 July
Women Need More Help In AIDS Battle, Experts Say VIDEO Tackling the female side of the AIDS epidemic means going far beyond today's global focus on... 28 July
Women Deliver: Joining up family planning and HIV services saves lives On the eve of the third Women Deliver conference taking place in Kuala Lumpur this week, the... 30 May
Woman’s case raises questions about Supreme Court’s HIV ruling BARRIE, ONT.—There was intercourse with one man. There was fellatio with a second man. There was... 9 November
Woman found guilty of one count aggravated sexual assault, but not guilty on two other counts   A Barrie woman charged with having unprotected sex with three men without telling them about... 16 August
Infographic With global spotlight on Sochi, human rights activists look for openings to challenge Russian law SOCHI, Russia — With the world’s focus turned to Sochi, Russia, for Friday night’s Opening Ceremony... 7 February
Winnipeg immigrant deported for failing to disclose HIV-positive status to partners A Winnipeg immigrant convicted for failing to tell his sex partners he was HIV-positive has been... 20 February
Will the HIV/AIDS pie grow again? I moderated a debate last week, one in a series on HIV/AIDS issues sponsored by the World Bank and... 24 November