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UN Global PLan Launch World leaders launch plan to eliminate new HIV infections among children by 2015 World leaders gathered in New York for the 2011 United Nations High Level Meeting on AIDS have... 10 June
Microscopic view of HIV virus World Health Organization: HIV prevention urgently needed for MSM and transgender people The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the global fight against HIV risks stalling... 14 July
Red ribbon World Health Organization: Antibiotic resistance is now a reality The drumbeats about the dangers of antibiotic resistance just got louder. The World Health... 1 May
MedMira World Health Org. to assess MedMira’s syphilis, HIV test Halifax bio-medicine company MedMira Inc. has submitted its Multipro combination test for syphilis... 12 March
College students pose with HIV/AIDS awareness messages painted on their faces World Bank hails India's advances in preventing HIV/AIDS On the eve of World AIDS Day 2011, the World Bank has released groundbreaking new evidence... 1 December
Cover of Time magazine showing man's face looking at test tubes World AIDS Day: The History of a Virus in 7 Stories Dec. 1 has been World AIDS Day since 1988 — but though the awareness and activism around the... 1 December
Cheryl Arneson World AIDS Day: Sick Kids program shows how far we've come   When Cheryl Arneson accepted a full-time nursing job, she knew almost nothing about what it... 4 December
Scientist wearing lab coat World AIDS Day: Nine things you should know about HIV in Canada As the globe marks World AIDS Day on Monday, we turn our attention to HIV/AIDS here at home with... 1 December
Alex Sparrowhawk World Aids Day: I contracted HIV after a one-night stand   That’s the thing about HIV. If you keep it a secret, it makes people think there’s something... 27 November
World Aids Day: David Cameron calls for greater awareness There is still too much ignorance about HIV and Aids, David Cameron has said, as figures suggest 25... 1 December
Janet Jackson smiling with her hair in braids World AIDS Day: 5 songs about those gone too soon TORONTO — The music world has lost many talented people to AIDS — mostly during the 1980s and ‘90s... 1 December
World AIDS Day: 25 Years of Progress Today is the 25th World AIDS Day -- our pandemic is now old enough to have reached such a milestone... 1 December
World AIDS Day, 2013: What’s the prescription for an ‘AIDS-free’ Canada?   On December 1, World AIDS Day, let’s take a measure of our progress in achieving an ‘AIDS-... 28 October
Many red ribbons lined up World AIDS Day tone shifting but need remains, say advocates Twenty-five years after its inception, the mood around World AIDS Day in Canada has shifted from... 28 November
World AIDS Day observed in Regina   A handful of people lit candles and gathered in a circle at the base of the Regina Cenotaph... 4 December
World AIDS Day highlights Vancouver's successes but challenges remain World AIDS Day at the Dr. Peter Centre began the same way every day does -- with a hearty, well-... 8 December
Nepalese People light candles in the shape of the red ribbon, the universal symb World AIDS Day Canada 2011: Organizations Seek To Raise Awareness "There are more people today living with HIV in Canada than there were 10 years ago," says... 6 December
Logo reading "Close the gap" World AIDS Day 2014: Closing the gap in HIV prevention and treatment On World AIDS Day 2014, the World Health Organization will issue new recommendations to help... 17 November
World AIDS Day 2012: Closing in on global HIV targets 29 NOVEMBER 2012 | GENEVA - "Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero deaths from AIDS-... 1 December
World AIDS Day 2012 events in Montreal This story was originally published on the Pop Tart blog. December 1 is World AIDS Day which... 1 December
A man receives treatment at a hospice for those dying of AIDS in Lopburi, Thaila World abandoning promises on AIDS On December 1, we commemorated World AIDS Day, acknowledging the many significant strides we’ve... 8 December
Scott Harrison, RN Workshop speaker delivers wake up call Scott Harrison pulls no punches when it comes to addressing how health care providers treat their... 16 September
Location of East Vancouver neighbourhoods. Solid-coloured neighbourhoods are alw Working the frontlines to beat HIV/AIDS in the Downtown Eastside Jacey Larochelle says seeing the lives of her clients living with HIV/AIDS in the Downtown Eastside... 19 June
Women’s HIV statement launched   31 recommendations include issues specific to females, transgender people   Much... 26 November
HIV pamphlet Women’s Day shines light on HIV infection in Saskatchewan A number of community groups are drawing attention to HIV/AIDS and its connection to violence... 10 March