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Kathleen Wynne giving speech in front of Union Jack and Canadian flag Canada’s new sex trade law flawed In December, a new prostitution law came into force in Canada. The Protection of Communities and... 23 January
Line of people forming a red ribbon on World AIDS Day in Romania HIV sweeps across eastern Europe amid economic crisis HIV is spreading at a dangerous rate in nations around the Black Sea, passing a record 100,000 new... 23 January
Red ribbon Fighting the Spread of HIV by Posing on the Dance Floor Beneath the neon lights of a banquet hall on an industrial stretch of the city, models strutted... 22 January
Ribbons in a rainbow of colours Living With HIV for 32 Years I lived so many years of my life feeling like a victim. I've had a hard life, and have been through... 22 January
Red ribbon New Considerations in HIV Care Diagnostics On December 1, 2014, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the International... 22 January
Gloved hand holding vial of blood Who Has Access to Your HIV Test Results? QUESTION: I was wondering who is able to access Ontario Ministry of Health lab records. I did a... 22 January
Red ribbon Many HIV-positive people’s understanding of the law on HIV transmission is “weak and patchy” Many people living with HIV in England have a limited understanding of the law which leaves them... 21 January
Young male couple Op-ed: Couples Invite Harm When They Don't Talk About HIV In a relationship there are myriad issues to manage. Who walks the dog? Who does the cooking? Who... 21 January
Beta logo with lightbulb with red ribbon in the middle Changing the Gay Online Hookup Experience Dating and hookup apps are an increasingly popular way for gay men to meet new sexual partners. The... 21 January
Logo reading "Poz Health, Life and HIV" 10 Tips For Living With HIV Surviving and thriving with HIV is a process—but it’s easier than you may think.  Know your... 21 January
Gloved hands pricking another hand to administer HIV test Op-ed: Looking at HIV Testing in 2015 HBO’s Looking just aired an episode focusing in part on one character’s journey with HIV... 20 January
Red ribbon HIV at Delivery More Likely when Treatment Starts Late in Pregnancy NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women who initiate highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) or who... 20 January
Woman with black hair wearing black blazer. U of T project advocates change to Canadian refugee policies for people with HIV Canadian refugee and resettlement policies are negatively affecting would-be refugee claimants... 20 January
Posters with information on hepatitis C testing Could a simple blood test combat Saskatchewan’s high rates of hepatitis C? REGINA – A new study claims that early screening could help save the lives of people infected with... 16 January
Line of people forming a red ribbon in square in China New HIV/AIDS Infections Surged 15% in China in 2014 China’s health officials reported 104,000 new HIV/AIDS infections in China in 2014, according to... 16 January
Shirtless man surrounded by photographers Advocates Propose Measure to Require Condoms on Porn Actors Safer sex advocates from AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and from FAIR (For Adult... 15 January
Red ribbon Kathmandu: 'Priorities HIV/AIDS programmes' KATHMANDU; Government officials and HIV/AIDS experts today highlighted the importance of expansion... 15 January
Red ribbon Should Mental Health Professionals Provide HIV Testing? A recently released and published study by Penn Medicine and the Centers for Disease Control and... 15 January
Older African American person wearing sweater and hat. New Bronx Senior Center Aims to Provide a More Welcoming Atmosphere Tom Esola has become a regular at a senior center in Midtown Manhattan, where he drops by two to... 15 January
Man with greying hair wearing glasses Let’s talk about sex: Durham parents want more consultation on new sex ed curriculum DURHAM -- When Christine Moyer’s six-year-old daughter came home from school in November and said... 14 January
Three men in suits smiling at opening of museum Concert celebrates new AIDS museum A recent South Florida Symphony Orchestra concert celebrated the grand opening of the World AIDS... 14 January
Occupationally Acquired HIV: Healthcare Workers' Risk Low Only a single confirmed case of occupationally acquired HIV infection in a US healthcare worker has... 14 January
Dr. Deborah Money, smiling woman with blonde hair wearing navy sweater Medicine delivers miracles, can’t blunt stigma of AIDS Within a span of four years, Rhonda went from nearly dying from AIDS to giving birth to a healthy... 13 January
Poster of two older African American men embracing Racing for the Podium How many times have you heard someone speak out about the need for resources to fight the AIDS... 13 January
URMC to study HIV and heart disease A 50-year-old person living with HIV and being treated with anti-retroviral drugs may have the... 13 January