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Profile of man and woman HIV/AIDS conference aims to educate First Nations people Marilyn Wapass was one of the speakers at an HIV and AIDS conference held at the Cosmopolitan Lodge... 19 September
Woman working in flower bed Midlife Virus Nancy Asha Molock did the right thing. When Molock—a striking, bright-smiled 63-year-old retired... 19 September
Red ribbon AIDS activist Staley on being a 'Baby Boomer' HIV treatments Documentary filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, renowned in the gay community for his 2013 film... 19 September
Red ribbon CATIE News - Uncovering cases of early HCV infection in HIV-positive men Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infects the liver, causing inflammation. Over time as HCV-related... 19 September
Female scientist Advocates Call for Full Funding of Research on HIV and Contraception A clinical trial known as Evidence for Contraceptive Options and HIV Outcomes (ECHO)—originally... 18 September
Matthew Woods PhD student’s HIV research earns international praise Microbiology and Immunology PhD student Matthew Woods was recently awarded the International AIDS... 18 September
Doctor using stethoscope on man's back Dr. Marla: Battling chronic pain Chronic pain is defined as defined pain that lasts longer than six months. Pain is a subjective... 18 September
Man with children Ugandan Canadian striving to help African children After growing up in Uganda, an African country often beset by corruption, violence and sickness,... 18 September
Carrie Bourassa Project to study HIV, AIDS among aboriginal women Researchers plan to draw on aboriginal women's resilience and traditional ways in hopes of peeling... 18 September
Speakers on stage Photos: Passions 2014 fundraiser unites food and philanthropy On September 14, I attended the Scotiabank Passions gala in support of the Dr. Peter AIDS... 17 September
Red ribbon HIV Combo Pill Less Toxic Thanks to New Form of Tenofovir An investigational single-tablet combination regimen to treat HIV has comparable efficacy to and is... 17 September
Two older men walking Op-ed: What Aging With HIV Can Look Like There are three types of older people living with HIV: people who have been living with the virus... 17 September
Doctor pricking finger for blood test A Prescription for Ending the HIV Epidemic Antiretroviral treatment can enable HIV-infected Americans to avoid the debilitating illnesses and... 17 September
Stephen Lewis speaks to children Stephen Lewis asks tough questions about the end of AIDS in Africa Stephen Lewis sounded exhausted as he spoke on the phone from Montreal.  “I don’t know,” he... 16 September
Outreach worker with pamphlets Dawson Creek to host its first ever AIDS Walk for Life In order to draw attention to an often misunderstood and taboo subject, Positive Living North... 16 September
WHO crest WHO: Russia’s anti-gay laws hamper fight against HIV Russia’s “repressive drug and homosexuality laws” hamper its fight against HIV, the World... 16 September
Jason Roush Taking a pill to prevent HIV A new preventive pill meant to stop the spread of HIV has created a conundrum for gay men and the... 16 September
Global cefixime shortage Gonorrhea treatment in BC In 2012, treatment guidelines for gonorrhea evolved and recommendations... 16 September
Red ribbon AIDS Walk for Life coming this month ANKORS Invite members of the community to show their solidarity and support for people living with... 16 September
Shirtless black man and white man New Book to Feature a Decade of Early AIDS Activists' Portraits A simple flier at the crowded literature table at ACT UP New York meetings made the offer: "Donate... 12 September
Devarah "Dee" Borrego Transgender Women Living With HIV: New Study on Relationships Reflects Widespread Challenges, Reinforces Why Policies Must Change High rates of stigma, discrimination and financial hardship don't only affect the many transgender... 12 September
Nursing staff in 1987 Honouring the care, compassion and courage of staff and patients of St Vincent’s HIV ward The care and compassion of former staff and the courage and resilience of former patients of Ward... 12 September
April Bullock Woman accused of not disclosing HIV status has been released on bail A Hamilton woman facing aggravated sexual assault charges for allegedly not disclosing her HIV... 12 September
Muppets Orange, Fuzzy, Feisty, and HIV-Positive: Meet Kami Since its premiere on public television in 1969, Sesame Street has been a keystone program in... 11 September
Red ribbon Poor patients in India facing HIV/AIDS drug shortages (Reuters) - Indian HIV patient Rekha has missed her daily dose of medicine several times over the... 11 September