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Dark chocolate Eight superfoods that aren’t all that super Five hundred years ago, Ponce de Leon searched in vain for the Fountain of Youth and immortality (... 24 October
Two women Study Follows HIV-infected Women into Their ‘Golden’ Years Researchers Lakshmi Goparaju, PhD, and Mary Young, MD, of Georgetown's Infectious Diseases Division... 24 October
Illustration of hands holding large blue pill labelled "PrEP" Can PrEP Change the Global Fight Against HIV? A comprehensive strategy to curb the spread of HIV around the would, ideally, include pre-exposure... 24 October
Red ribbon Long-lasting device protects against HIV, pregnancy Women's reproductive health may never be the same, thanks to a biomedical engineer and his first-of... 24 October
Red ribbon China bars AIDS activist from traveling despite talk of ending discrimination BEIJING — A female Chinese AIDS activist said Thursday that she has been forced to cancel a trip to... 23 October
Woman in lab coat App puts AIDS test in the palm of your hand Ask Nitika Pant Pai about her work on a new self-test for HIV/AIDS and she’ll tell you: There’s an... 23 October
Man wearking face mask with word "ebola" printed on it Remember When the U.S. Barred Travelers With HIV? An Ebola Ban Could be Worse. WASHINGTON -- Republican politicians, joined by a few Democrats in tight election races, have... 23 October
Young man with dark hair, James Saunders The national anthem ABOUT two years ago while they were working together at the National Centre of Indigenous... 22 October
Dr. Neil Pollock in his office Vancouver doctor headed to Haiti to teach circumcision VANCOUVER — In Dr. Neil Pollock’s surgery, the crown jewels are the sole focus. The Vancouver... 22 October
No to treating our way out of the epidemic, say South African experts No, we cannot treat our way out of the HIV epidemic, was the resounding sentiment of a panel of... 22 October
Orange slice 6 Tips To Keep You Strong and Healthy This Fall According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 5-20% of people in... 21 October
Red ribbon Long-term HIV infection and health-related quality of life The widespread availability of potent combination anti-HIV therapy (commonly called ART or HAART)... 21 October
Two women on stage with award, Peng Liyuan and Francoise Barre-Sinoussi Step up the battle against HIV/AIDS, urges first lady China should do more in the fight against HIV/AIDS despite the disease affecting only 0.06 percent... 21 October
Red ribbon Gilead Sciences announces $50-million Edmonton expansion EDMONTON - U.S. biotech giant Gilead Sciences is expanding its presence in Edmonton. The Foster... 21 October
Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham's UN honor Victoria Beckham is "incredibly honored" to be working for the United Nations (UN).The 40-year-old... 21 October
Protein structure of pre-fusion HIV spike. Study: HIV-Lab Infection Tactics Could Guide AIDS Vaccine New research that sheds light on the methods and machinery used by HIV to infect cells provides... 20 October
Jim Deva reading book Jim Deva was a champion for gay rights, free speech Jim Deva opened the Little Sister’s bookstore in Vancouver in 1983. When he ordered material for... 20 October
Man in pharmacy Reducing harm while improving health Whitecourt is part of a collection of rural towns and municipalities included in the rollout of the... 20 October
Vials of blood VCH expands routine HIV testing to Sea to Sky Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is expanding its routine HIV testing program to Whistler, Pemberton... 20 October
Red ribbon Vital HIV test kits, drugs running out After shortages were reported for more than a year, several hospitals in Delhi are reporting that... 20 October
Red ribbon Inflammatory markers associated with development of diabetes in people taking HIV therapy Low-level elevations in important markers of systemic inflammation are associated with the... 20 October
 Georgia Arnold Why MTV is using a teen drama and tech to tackle HIV It’s not difficult to chart the diversification of MTV’s output over the last decade. Tune into the... 16 October
Report on Sexually Transmitted Infections in Canada: 2011 Please see the attached document for the report. 16 October
Red ribbon HIV Treatment News: Russian HIV/AIDS Vaccine To Be Tested With Humans; HIV Prevention Pill takes Centre Stage In Sydney Forum Russian anti-HIV/AIDS vaccine, KombiVITCHvak, is entering the second phase of clinical trials that... 16 October
Robert Hogg Pushing Canadian HIV/AIDS research further A one-of-a-kind national HIV/AIDS study, led by Simon Fraser University health scientist Robert... 16 October