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Red ribbon Fewer than anticipated taking HIV test A first-of-its-kind initiative to dispense free HIV tests in pharmacies is seeing low uptake in the... 28 November
Many red ribbons lined up World AIDS Day tone shifting but need remains, say advocates Twenty-five years after its inception, the mood around World AIDS Day in Canada has shifted from... 28 November
Bif Naked standing in front of crowd wearing pink scarf. Bif Naked donates proceeds from new single to AIDS Vancouver VANCOUVER – World AIDS Day is Monday, Dec. 1 and one local artist is dedicating the proceeds from... 28 November
Logo reading "National HIV Testing Week, November 22-30, 2014" Here are six myths about HIV that need to be busted All week, organisations across the country have been running activities and events to encourage gay... 28 November
Red ribbon Europe and Central Asia failing to curb spread of HIV: WHO (Reuters) - Despite major advances in treating and preventing HIV, Europe and Central Asia have... 28 November
Dr. Guenter, a bald man wearing glasses, stands in front of a tree AIDS and HIV now a chronic disease HIV and AIDS in Canada have changed. Since they emerged 30 years ago, things are different. Science... 28 November
Woman wearing a shawl standing by a blue column "Stigma Index" Empowers People With HIV to Make Stigma Visible, Confront Injustice HIV stigma is slippery. People can unknowingly play into HIV stigma, or not recognize the impact of... 27 November
Huffington Post logo reading "The Huffington Post" Rejected: The Struggles of Dating With HIV As a reluctant HIV-positive activist, I am often bombarded with the secret misgivings of closeted... 27 November
African American woman giving a speech on stage African American and Latino AIDS Awareness: Hating from healers TRANSGENDER Americans – one of the groups at highest risk of HIV infection – aren’t getting enough... 27 November
Syringes in plastic wrappers HIV/AIDS epidemic in Russia takes irreversible character On the eve of World AIDS Day, which is marked on December 1, Russian medics raise concerns about... 27 November
Dr. Montaner in front of painting of St. Paul's Hospital B.C. honours Dr. Julio Montaner for pioneering HIV-AIDS research at St. Paul’s The province of B.C. recognized and thanked Dr. Julio Montaner this week for his decades-long work... 27 November
Infographic describing number of condoms distributed and worry-free orgasms Preventing HIV through technology and social media A local study published in the AIDS journal estimates that between 25 and 75 new HIV infections... 26 November
Red ribbon UNAIDS Executive Director delivers his World AIDS Day 2014 message On this World AIDS Day, let us also reflect on the lives lost to Ebola, on the countries and people... 26 November
Baby playing with stethoscope that is held by an adult's hand Studies Show Epivir the Safest Option for Stopping Mom-to-Baby HIV Transmission In two recent, unrelated studies, the drug lamivudine (Epivir) appears to have fewer serious side... 26 November
Woman holding young child HIV Documentary ‘It’s Not Over’ to Stream on Netflix, SnagFilms Worldwide “It’s Not Over,” a feature-length documentary about three young people living with or affected by... 26 November
Older African woman wearing red dress Porter: African women caring for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren need our help Immaculate Nakyanzi is an AIDS grandmother from rural Uganda. In her simple brick house, she cares... 25 November
Red ribbon HIV/AIDS activism is alive and well at ConU The second lecture in this year’s Concordia University Community Lecture Series on HIV/AIDS will be... 25 November
Bottle of Truvada pills Canada begins trialling HIV prevention drug Truvada Canada has begun to trial the use of a controversial drug that lowers your chances of getting HIV.... 25 November
Red blocks arranged to spell HIV AIDS Study shows dire consequences from elevated HIV cases among US black gay men Despite efforts to reduce disparities in HIV transmission among gay men and other men who have sex... 21 November
James Ward, a middle-aged man in a red shirt. Indigenous Australia's HIV crisis never happened: five questions to James Ward Tell us about who you are My name is James Ward. I am a Pitjantjatjara and Nurrunga man from... 21 November
Two young women smiling 'Sexy Health Carnival' among ideas to engage Aboriginal youth An event called a 'sexy health carnival' will bring out a lot more Indigenous youth than something... 20 November
Two older people at table working on art projects Brazil’s ambitious HIV treatment plan based on Canadian concept They make several furtive passes of the front door of Pela Vidda before they duck inside and mumble... 20 November
Stethoscope on top of paperwork AIDS network warns of syphilis spike in Hamilton On the heels of a rise in local syphilis cases, the Hamilton AIDS network has launched an awareness... 20 November
Logo reading "The Poz 100" The POZ 100: Celebrating Youth Power For the Fifth Annual POZ 100, we decided to focus on the future. For more than three decades, HIV/... 19 November
Logo reading "The Poz 100" The POZ 100: Celebrating Youth Power For the Fifth Annual POZ 100, we decided to focus on the future. For more than three decades, HIV/... 19 November