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Person pinning red ribbon to blue shirt Activists Claim India’s Free HIV/AIDS Program Is In ‘Shambles’ India has run out of critical supplies under its state-run HIV/AIDS program, activists say, leaving... 12 February
Hand inserting acupuncture needle into skin HIV-positive man files discrimination complaint against Chinese medicine school An HIV-positive man whose dream is to work as an acupuncturist has filed a human rights complaint... 12 February
Red ribbon Organ transplants between HIV-positive patients show promise People with HIV are living longer than ever, thanks to antiviral drugs. While that's great news for... 12 February
Woman wearing glasses in front of poster reading 'Sharing the knowledge" Bringing life back to communities REGINA — National and local HIV research focused on aboriginal women is underway in the province.... 11 February
Red ribbon Give back safe smoking room to Vancouver crack users, study says Vancouver drug users want their illegal crack-smoking room back. For three years, the Vancouver... 11 February
Shelves full of multi-coloured pills Lowering the Age for HIV Prevention In May 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidance for HIV prevention... 11 February
Rows of prison cells Five years for HIV-positive man who infected wife CALGARY - Infecting his new bride with HIV -- a condition she discovered during a positive... 10 February
Poster reading " Why Canada's African, Caribbean and Black Communities Are Most Affected by HIV and AIDS Last year Joseph walked into a downtown emergency room with a persistent cough and trouble... 10 February
HIV a growing problem in Edmonton and northern Alberta EDMONTON — An alarming report from the Alberta Health Department shows a continuous increase... 10 February
Man wearing black suit jacket in front of purple sign Xtra pilots new sponsorship plan to support community groups Community organizations are expressing some anxieties about the way forward as Xtra goes... 10 February
ViiV Healthcare Announces $10 Million Initiative to Accelerate Response to HIV/AIDS Among Black Gay and Bisexual Men RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., Feb. 04 /CSRwire/ - ViiV Healthcare today announced the launch of a... 6 February
Blue Truvada pills Though Rare, It Is Possible to Develop Drug-Resistant HIV While on PrEP A recently published study shows it is possible to develop a medication-resistant strain of HIV... 6 February
Red ribbon Heart attack risk can decline if the right steps are taken CATIE News - Heart attack risk can decline if the right steps are taken Nearly 15 years ago... 5 February
Truvada pill bottle with blue pills in front Canadians already on PrEP while drug sits in regulatory limbo You’re HIV-negative. You’d like to stay that way. Is a daily dose of pre-exposure prophylaxis the... 5 February
10 Things You Need to Know Before You Have Middle Aged Sex With a New Partner 1. The good news is that a 2012 study of 806 women between the ages of 40 and 100, conducted by... 5 February
Inmates watching a presentation on TV in a library California to make condoms available in prisons statewide Last September, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill mandating that condoms be available... 5 February
Man and woman's feet in bed What is sex? HIV case forces Florida supreme court to define intercourse The Florida supreme court heard arguments on Wednesday over the definition of sexual intercourse as... 5 February
Hand holding testing device and smart phone Now HIV and syphilis can be diagnosed in just 15 minutes: Revolutionary smartphone app 'could save millions of lives' A new smartphone app that tests blood samples for HIV and syphilis in just 15 minutes could save... 5 February
Transgender African American person wearing bead necklaces HIV Among Transgender People Fast Facts Transgender women are at high risk for HIV infection. By race/ethnicity, black/African... 4 February
Illustration of microphone Views from the front lines: Counselling serodiscordant couples We spoke to three service providers to find their views and approaches to counselling... 4 February
Microscopic view of HIV virus New HIV Treatment, Antiretroviral Cabotegravir, Lasts For Three Months *Please note: The drug or drugs mentioned below are being studied in clinical trials and may or may... 4 February
Microscopic view of HIV virus First HIV call centre opens in Mississippi Mississippi is now the first state in the country to have a call center that provides information... 4 February
Three young men and one young woman stand behind handheld lab UBC-O develops handheld lab Your smartphone could soon become a handheld chemistry and biochemistry laboratory capable of... 3 February
Man in purple shirt and ball cap donating blood Vancouver clinic encourages gay men to donate blood When Chad Walters was 18 years old, he was asked to leave a blood donation clinic simply because he... 3 February
Red ribbon HIV Viral Rebounds Predict Fibrosis in HCV-Coinfected People People coinfected with HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) are more likely to develop liver fibrosis if... 3 February