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Red ribbon Interventions Crafted for Those Struggling With Mental Health and HIV Adherence Show Promise, Report States A clinical review published in the peer-reviewed journal LGBT Health in early June by Jaclyn M.... 4 July
Many Challenges Face Ex-Inmates Living With HIV Several times each month, a white bus picks up newly released ex-inmates at New York's Rikers... 4 July
Microscope Treatment in HIV-infected infants may reduce virus to undetectable levels, but still too soon to say cure (Medical Xpress)—In a Canadian research collaboration, clinicians and scientists at The Hospital... 4 July
Red ribbon New brochure spells out rights for HIV-positive patients Natalie Davis sat with two women who she said were complaining about the way they recently had been... 3 July
Child's drawing of mother and child HIV/AIDS epidemic in Europe: mother-to-child transmission Mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) occurs when an HIV-positive woman passes the virus to her child... 3 July
Thomas Porton Bronx teacher uses innovative program to educate students on HIV/AIDS As AIDS ravaged the city, Bronx teacher Thomas Porton took it upon himself to ensure students... 3 July
Man sitting by brick wall A mission to break down HIV stigma FILM director Mikey Trotter did not hesitate at the opportunity to be the creative mastermind... 3 July
Illustration of people in boat Someone Who's Sailed the Same Seas: On Peer Mentorship and HIV When Matthew Beasley was diagnosed with HIV in 2012, he had many questions about the illness and... 3 July
Girl in dorm room HIV-Positive Students Sit Senior High School Entrance Exams Sixteen children affected by HIV in the Linfen Red Ribbon School in north China's Shanxi Province,... 2 July
Hand holding test tube labelled with "HIV/AIDS" Millions Of HIV Patients Are Not Receiving The Services They Need, Due To Cost And Other Factors The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Member States made it a point to develop health financing... 2 July
Red ribbon Stigma persists for LGBT seniors TORONTO - For 85-year-old Alf Roberts, Canada's largest gay pride festival is a chance to celebrate... 2 July
Woman donating blood Toronto “ally blood donor” clinic lets gay men “give” blood When Sarah Stallan found out her healthy, hockey-playing friends weren’t blood donors, she was... 2 July
Maurice Tomlinson WorldPride: Human Rights Conference reminds pride revellers the struggle continues As the world descends on Toronto for WorldPride, a 10-day festival of joy and celebration, one... 27 June
Posters encouraging HIV testing National HIV Testing Day Today is the annual campaign to encourage people of all ages to get tested for HIV. National HIV... 27 June
Magic Johnson Is it finally safe to be out as HIV positive in the workplace? It was November 7, 1991, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Magic Johnson had hastily... 27 June
Red ribbon Empowering those at risk for HIV to make positive changes Researcher Trevor Hart has noticed something about conventional support programs for those at high... 26 June
Logo reading 'AIDS Walk Washington is now the Walk to End HIV AIDS Walk Changes Name To 'The Walk to End HIV' After 27 years, the AIDS Walk Washington is to be renamed "The Walk To End HIV," Whitman-Walker... 26 June
Dr. Sean Rourke Aging with HIV and AIDS: A growing social issue TORONTO, June 25, 2014–As the first people with HIV grow old, a new study from St. Michael's... 25 June
Hands holding test tubes Scientist charged in major HIV vaccine fraud case Responding to a major case of research misconduct, U.S. prosecutors have taken the rare step of... 25 June
Two men and one women smiling Law that criminalizes HIV promotes spread of disease, doctors say EDMONTON — HIV nearly killed Marlo Cottrell after she was diagnosed in 1995. By the time treatments... 25 June
Red ribbon Trends in New HIV diagnoses in BC for 2013 Background We present the final number of new HIV diagnoses in BC for 2013 and describe recent... 24 June
Cracks in block of ice Slipping Through the Cracks: Why Does Mother-to-Child Transmission Still Happen? She had just arrived at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge and was already in labor. As I did my... 24 June
Syphilis increased risk for HIV in MSM Syphilis infection was associated with HIV infection among HIV-negative men and transgender women... 24 June
Doctor drawing blood from finger Local group hopes to fight new infections with free HIV tests CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston was voted Number One City in the U.S. for three years in a... 23 June
Scales of justice Criminal law out of step with science of HIV, advocates say EDMONTON — When HIV-AIDS first hit North America in the 1980s, diagnosis almost always meant early... 23 June