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Red ribbon UNAIDS report features new HIV statistics and the ageing of the epidemic UNAIDS has launched its annual global report, the "UNAIDS Gap Report". For the first time there is... 15 August
Illustration of prison and flowers Prison Justice Day honours bravery of those who organize behind bars On Sunday, August 10, people both inside and outside the prison system came together in solidarity... 15 August
Dental tools HIV Testing — at the Dentist's Office? Your dentist might begin scoping out more than cavities, plaque and gum disease. She could one day... 15 August
Airplane Passengers with HIV sue China's Spring Airlines Two passengers with HIV are suing a budget Chinese airline for refusing to let them board a plane.... 15 August
Two transgender young people Trans Youth of Color Talk Homelessness, HIV 'In Their Own Words' "You have to go off your natural human instincts of survival," explains Aludein "Diamond" Marks, a... 14 August
Man holding blue pills Stigma Is A Side-Effect Of HIV-Prevention Medicine In order to slow the spread of HIV, certain people who do not have the virus but are at risk should... 14 August
Man standing in front of computer screen UNL sociologist studies HIV spread in rural Puerto Rico Puerto Rico has one of the highest HIV rates in the United States, primarily from drug users... 14 August
Man and woman at dinner table Stepping up the HIV response in the world’s Indigenous communities   Indigenous people are estimated to comprise 4.5% of the total global population. They are... 13 August
AIDS Quilt AIDS Quilt Returns to New York It's been more than 10 years since the AIDS quilt has been unfurled in New York, but thanks to... 13 August
Dr. Julio Montaner How Julio Montaner set the standard for AIDS treatment Julio Montaner’s medical breakthroughs have helped save millions of lives. Many were inspired by... 13 August
HIV-infected H9 T cell Gut flora influences HIV immune response Normal microorganisms in the intestines appear to play a pivotal role in how the HIV virus foils a... 13 August
Family looking at exhibit Remembrance of a pandemic almost past There are all manner of museums in the world, from the heart-wrenching Anne Frank House in... 12 August
Switching Antiretrovirals May Not Enhance HIV Treatment MELBOURNE, Australia — For virologically suppressed HIV patients, a switch in antiretroviral... 12 August
Researchers develop screen for drug-resistant form of hep C drug Vancouver, BC - A project by researchers at the University of British Columbia has developed a... 12 August
Hands holding red ribbons Brazil's HIV infections increase underscores prevention flaws SAO PAULO, Brazil -- The devastating news didn't make sense to Brazilian Pierre Freitaz. How was it... 12 August
Red ribbon Northern Health expands number of sites introducing new HIV testing initiative Northern Health is introducing a new health care initiative in Vanderhoof, Fort St. James and... 8 August
Li Hu Li Hu, AIDS Activist, Dies in Beijing In an eloquent message of support for the rights of people with H.I.V./AIDS in China, as many as... 8 August
Red ribbon Waiting With HIV The first time I came here was October 2011, after a fairly wild first month at the University of... 8 August
Red ribbon There's a pill that prevents HIV — why are only gay men talking about it? A few months ago, the CDC recommended Truvada, the HIV prevention pill, to anyone at risk of... 8 August
Shaun, an HIV-positive student at Northumbria Most people think they’ll never get HIV. We spoke to two students who did Unless you watch Comic Relief or own Team America on DVD, chances are HIV doesn’t... 7 August
Road with arrow pointing ahead Where to now? Future directions for HIV treatment The future of HIV treatment bears no resemblance to its past. Through the lonely days of the early... 7 August
Red ribbon A Philippine oasis for HIV/AIDS patients Manila, Philippines - A cramped office on a four-storey rundown building in one of the Philippine... 6 August
Red ribbon Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life: Why You Should Get Involved! What motivates someone to support the Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life? For a segment of the... 6 August
B.C. working on Hepatitis C screening process A new Hepatitis C screening process for Canada is being developed in B.C. to take advantage of... 6 August
Fabian Quezada-Malkin From Tragedy to Triumph: Fabian Quezada-Malkin Fabian Quezada grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico, but moved to Los Angeles in 2001 when he was only 17... 5 August