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Indonesia Activists Launch Interactive HIV/AIDS Website A website providing a directory of medical services and other resources for people living with HIV/... 11 February
Activists Urge Lifting of HIV Travel Bans Speaking at the International AIDS Conference in Washington D.C. that concluded Friday,... 3 August
Admare Jinga sentenced for 'HIV cure' fraud A man who was convicted of an online scam selling products that claimed to 'kill' the HIV virus has... 25 July
Admission to HIV-positive kids prompts protest in Guj village Admission of 26 HIV positive girls to the government primary school at Amboli village in the... 9 July
Adult film trade group lifting two-week production moratorium prompted by HIV scare LOS ANGELES, Calif. – An adult film trade group will lift its second production moratorium of the... 18 September
Advocate advises against passing judgement after HIV warning in N.B. MONCTON – Monday’s public health warning about possible HIV exposure should serve as a wake-up call... 28 March
Advocates Seek 30% of US HIV Funding for Women Two demonstrations at the 2011 National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta focus attention on the... 8 September
Advocates: HIV prevention pill could save lives CHICAGO (AP) — A pill to prevent HIV infection is already being given to some healthy people, but... 15 May
An Afghan boy stands in his family's opium poppy field on March 19, 2009 Afghanistan's toxic cocktail of drugs, graft, mafia It's below freezing, but the Afghan lies rigid in the snow of Kabul. He doesn't move. His arms and... 21 February
Africa: AU special summit on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria opens The African Union Special Summit of Heads of State and Government, held under the theme, "Ownership... 19 July
Africa: Dialogue On HIV, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights An "inter-generational dialogue on faith, culture, HIV and sexual reproductive health and rights"... 18 March
HIV research is largely "donor-driven" Africa: Greater local ownership of HIV research needed Unless African governments increase their funding for and engagement in HIV research, the continent... 13 December
Mothers and their children await medical treatment, from a local dispensary in t Africa: HIV-positive women still confused about infant-feeding choices The latest guidelines on infant-feeding options for HIV-positive mothers in Africa have not been... 13 December
Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia AFRICA: Progress on Aids Non-profits and partners celebrate progress on Aids elimination in Africa   A number of non-... 5 June
Africa: TB, HIV and Malaria vaccine research gets major boost Aeras, a nonprofit biotech advancing TB vaccines for the world, the University of Oxford and... 9 May
African chief Eshiloni Mumena evangelizes about adult circumcision to prevent HIV/AIDS LUSAKA, Zambia (RNS) African Chief Jonathan Eshiloni Mumena will eagerly tell you about his ivory... 6 August
African First Ladies' Anti-AIDS Crusade First ladies the world over are not mere human decorations of state houses; they are valuable... 11 February
Joe Costello African grandmother hails HIV aid A grandmother with HIV has revealed how she is living a healthy life in Mozambique as a direct... 25 March
AIDS test African viewpoint: Status update As wars rage, governments fall, economies crumble and the planet's climate disintegrates, we would... 15 December
Volunteer workers dressed as giant condoms After 30 years, HIV fight goes on Canadians have played key roles in battling the infection that causes AIDS Paul Volberding was... 7 June
After a decade of success, global AIDS program looks to the future WASHINGTON — The decade-old law that transformed the battle against HIV and AIDS in developing... 24 May
Legal Network's Director Richard Elliott After decades of HIV/AIDS, political barriers still restrict treatment Despite decades of effort, barriers to HIV treatment still exist — and could be getting worse.... 21 April
Agassiz to get needle exchange Drug users in Agassiz will soon have access to clean needles and drug paraphernalia following the... 1 September
Man's profile by rose bush Ageing Britons with HIV need more support, say nursing chiefs More needs to be done to help people living into older age with HIV, according to the Royal College... 16 June
Aging America The latest installment of Aging America, the joint AP-APME project looking at the aging of the baby... 20 October