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Abbotsford bylaw may boost HIV rate Brian Gross of the Fraser Valley Positive Living Society, says Abbotsford's antiharm reduction... 5 January
Pastor Ward Draper Abbotsford flirts with harm reduction despite official policy against it   Pastor Ward Draper quotes Scripture and swears in the same breath.   He wears his... 5 October
Hypodermic needles Abbotsford strikes down ban on harm reduction programs Needle exchanges, methadone clinics and safe injection sites are now permitted in Abbotsford, B.C... 14 January
Abbotsford to revisit idea of needle exchange site The Mayor of Abbotsford feels it's time to take a cue from Vancouver and get a needle exchange... 9 March
Brian Gross, Fraser Valley Positive Living Society photo Abbotsford's anti-harm reduction bylaw is bumping up HIV rates Lack of needle distribution centres makes outreach and treatment for disease difficult. Advocates... 28 March
ABHhealth: HIV/AIDS patients might forego planned Athens health network EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the seventh story in a week-long series on an initiative to provide health... 26 July
Abolish the criminalization of HIV Routine criminal prosecutions for not disclosing HIV status should be abolished, write three HIV/... 20 December
Too many Canadians are being prosecuted for failing to disclose their HIV status Abolishing routine HIV prosecutions urged Failing to disclose HIV status should not be prosecuted criminally as a matter of routine because... 20 December
Valerie Nicholson Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week shines a light on HIV rates among indigenous people VALERIE NICHOLSON REMEMBERS the room going silent the day she received her diagnosis.  ... 12 December
Aboriginal people to play central role in HIV research Aboriginal people need to play a bigger role into HIV research, as they are the most effected by... 30 September
Colette Plasway (left), Madonna Warren (middle), Emma Palmantier (right) Aboriginal Task Force engages the North in HIV discussions The need for more youth leadership, palliative care and treatment for persons suffering from AIDS,... 14 December
Calgary Rodeo and Stampede ACAA Presents 'Rights in the Moment: Looking at the rights of People Living With HIV, Sex Workers, and People Who Use Drugs' Conference This June, AIDS Calgary Awareness Association (ACAA) will be hosting a new conference titled '... 21 June
Red ribbon Accelerating HIV vaccine discovery and development may require paradigm shift WINNIPEG, June 11, 2014 /CNW/ - Adopting existing innovative practices and forming broader... 12 June
my sex life ACT launches education campaign for HIV-positive youth A new campaign from the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) is reaching out to a group that hears a lot... 19 June
Andrew Brett, communications coordinator at the AIDS Committee of Toronto ACT reaches out to men who bareback Outraged reaction appears on Facebook Rather than condemn barebacking, the AIDS Committee of... 3 June
Activists aim to rekindle vigil in 2012 Honouring those who have died of AIDS is crucial: organizer AIDS activists are seeking to rekindle... 18 May
Indonesia Activists Launch Interactive HIV/AIDS Website A website providing a directory of medical services and other resources for people living with HIV/... 11 February
Activists Urge Lifting of HIV Travel Bans Speaking at the International AIDS Conference in Washington D.C. that concluded Friday,... 3 August
Admare Jinga sentenced for 'HIV cure' fraud A man who was convicted of an online scam selling products that claimed to 'kill' the HIV virus has... 25 July
Admission to HIV-positive kids prompts protest in Guj village Admission of 26 HIV positive girls to the government primary school at Amboli village in the... 9 July
Adult film trade group lifting two-week production moratorium prompted by HIV scare LOS ANGELES, Calif. – An adult film trade group will lift its second production moratorium of the... 18 September
Advocate advises against passing judgement after HIV warning in N.B. MONCTON – Monday’s public health warning about possible HIV exposure should serve as a wake-up call... 28 March
Female scientist Advocates Call for Full Funding of Research on HIV and Contraception A clinical trial known as Evidence for Contraceptive Options and HIV Outcomes (ECHO)—originally... 18 September
Advocates Seek 30% of US HIV Funding for Women Two demonstrations at the 2011 National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta focus attention on the... 8 September
Advocates: HIV prevention pill could save lives CHICAGO (AP) — A pill to prevent HIV infection is already being given to some healthy people, but... 15 May