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Red ribbon An aging epidemic In Canada and other high-income countries, the widespread availability of potent combination anti-... 3 September
Kim Dolan: From a young mom to an advocate for the whole person with AIDS. Kim Dolan: From a young mom to an advocate for the whole person with AIDS You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” -- Dr.... 3 September
Woman putting condom on banana Peace Region not ready for boomtown bugs When Samantha McRae wants to gauge how people think about sexual health in the Northeast, she often... 3 September
Man smelling flower AIDS cure may come, but can we afford the cost? Can AIDS be cured? The answer to that question, which until recently many scientists dared not ask... 2 September
Red ribbon Emotional connection fires ongoing trans-Atlantic charity campaign Africa has a special place in a local woman's heart. In 2002, before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro,... 2 September
Doctor Group advocating to expand organ donations to drug users, gay men A leading Canadian transplant organization is calling for greater use of organs from deceased... 2 September
Red ribbon HIV education for aboriginal youth Yúusnewas means "taking care of each other" in the Squamish language and it's a fitting name for a... 2 September
Young man with glasses Op-ed: HIV Is No Longer A Death Sentence But It Still Isn't Easy I have been living with HIV for 10 years, and what I have learned is this: having this virus is not... 2 September
Man wearing jacket with red ribbon pin The 90-90-90 solution to AIDS pandemic The AIDS world is dealing with something unprecedented: good news. Bear in mind that “good” is a... 2 September
Matthew Zavala Amazing HIV+ Gay Men: Matthew Zavala Like a lot of other 25-year-old gay Latino guys, Matthew Zavala loves video games and, since he... 29 August
Guy Anthony holds sign reading 'Will you still love me?' Mental health and HIV: What you should know As someone who has been living with HIV since 2007 and was recently diagnosed as having bi-polar... 29 August
Man in suit Researchers Receive $3.4 million to Study Experimental Drug Combination in HIV Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center and University of Nebraska Medical Center... 29 August
Man in scuba diving gear 'A Day With HIV 2014' Aims To Break Down HIV Stigma HIV stigma needs to be a thing of the past, and there's an awesome way you can help change public... 28 August
Two women Elder and Youth Gathering to teach about HIV and AIDS With HIV and AIDS rates in Prince Albert higher than the provincial average, the Prince Albert... 27 August
Mosaic with heart in centre From camp to gay to queer: David McDiarmid and HIV/AIDS art At the end of July, Melbourne hosted the 20th International AIDS Conference. A huge red AIDS 2014... 27 August
Matt Sharp, AIDS activist Scientists, activists gather for Hutch conference Matt Sharp is no scientist. But when he joins researchers from around the country tomorrow for a... 27 August
Red ribbon The stigma and complexity of HIV Since the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) epidemic was first identified in the early 1980s,... 27 August
Two men Couples HIV Testing and Counselling -- A Novel Approach to Testing An estimated 25% of people living with HIV in Canada do not know they have HIV. Effective new ways... 25 August
BC Civil Liberties Association logo DEATH WITH DIGNITY: Disability and Rights Groups File Arguments in Death With Dignity Supreme Court Case Arguing Ban on Assisted Dying Is Unconstitutional TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Aug. 25, 2014) - Interveners who support the right to assisted... 25 August
Man holding red ribbon Red Ribbon Road highlights ‘epidemic’ Saskatchewan HIV rates SASKATOON – 20th Street West was covered with red ribbons Sunday, symbolizing support for those... 25 August
Red ribbon AIDS advocate: ‘We are beginning to lose control of the epidemic’ In 1986, with much of the country still trying its best to ignore the growing AIDS epidemic, a... 22 August
Red ribbon Exercise and the brain Researchers at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) surveyed more than 300 HIV-positive... 22 August
Aerial view of Dawson Creek Living through the boom It was supposed to focus on LNG development and its effect on life in the Northeast. But a big town... 22 August
Syphilis rates continue to rise in Vancouver Public health officials are renewing their call for men who have sex with men to get tested for... 22 August
Red ribbon 12 Ways to Give HIV Stigma a Well-Deserved Side Eye Words are powerful little things. If you put them together in the wrong way, they can be extremely... 21 August