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Man with bare chest in rainstorm Zero Patience: A musical comedy about AIDS What happens when you mix early ’90s dance music, Andrew Lloyd Webber-style theatrics, and perhaps... 19 November
Stop sign with text reading "sexually transmitted diseases" Dalhousie University students boost grades with STD tests Students at Dalhousie University in Halifax can boost their marks by getting tested for sexually... 18 November
Small garden with statue of angel Laguna Beach leaders hope to rescue neglected AIDS memorial garden Laguna Beach's AIDS memorial garden — once well-tended on a bluff decades ago when the beach city's... 18 November
Multi-coloured test tubes Three Quarters of Canadians (75%) Most at Risk for Hepatitis C Have Not Been Tested or Don’t Know If They Have Been Tested Toronto, ON – A new survey conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of the Canadian Liver Foundation found... 18 November
Molecular view of cell infected with HIV virus Aboriginal HIV/AIDS strategy in the works Margaret Poitras hopes a holistic strategy can help the province's indigenous people cope with HIV/... 17 November
Logo reading "See us: Women take a stand on HIV" IAPAC, HIV Advocates, and AbbVie Launch Tools in Advance of World AIDS Day to Strengthen Dialogue Between Women Living with HIV and Their Healthcare Providers WASHINGTON, Nov. 17, 2014 /CNW/ -- The International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (... 17 November
Logo reading "Close the gap" World AIDS Day 2014: Closing the gap in HIV prevention and treatment On World AIDS Day 2014, the World Health Organization will issue new recommendations to help... 17 November
Red ribbon Zachary Quinto: On the Response to My OUT 100 Interview I am thrilled that the comments I made in my cover interview for OUT 100 have generated a spirited... 17 November
Red ribbon Harvard study gives reassurance for pregnant woman with HIV Nearly 9,000 HIV-infected women give birth in the United States each year, which has increased by... 14 November
Red ribbon PEPFAR and MAC AIDS Fund Partnership Will Strengthen HIV/AIDS Services for Youth NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 14, 2014) - Today, the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS... 14 November
Joyce Brabner sitting in library Sex, drugs and AIDS: New graphic novel by Joyce Brabner looks at early days of epidemic What if you took “Dallas Buyers Club” and set it on the gritty Lower East Side of the early 1980s?... 14 November
Woman's hands holding smartphone Can Twitter be a force against HIV discrimination? Advertisers have seen the potential of social media for informing their work for years, but public... 13 November
Older man and young man smiling. Lessons Learned Over Lunch with my Mentor: First Annual Viiv Youth Summit TranslateSelect Language​▼Text SizePrint E-mailLessons Learned Over Lunch with my Mentor: First... 13 November
Woman wearing red scarf Red scarf campaign aims to erase HIV/AIDS stigma Advances in treatment have transformed HIV/AIDS from being a relatively rapid certain killer in the... 13 November
Dr. Perry Kendall at Vancouver General Hospital Dr. Perry Kendall reflects on 15 years as British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer After 15 years as British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall will be retiring... 12 November
A young woman reveals what living with HIV is really like THE number of Australians diagnosed with HIV is at a 20-year high. There are now more than 26,000... 12 November
Students sit in desk during sex education class in 1971. How AIDS Changed the History of Sex Education It was September of 1986 when U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop announced that the country had... 12 November
Alice Raymond Australia performs best in HIV treatment cascade – 62% with undetectable viral load Australia and northern European countries are doing far better than North America at retaining... 6 November
Red ribbon It May Be Possible To Prevent HIV Even Without a Vaccine Natural immunity is the most reliable way to protect yourself from viruses, bacteria and parasites... 6 November
Maxine Davis: Fighting for HIV-AIDS patients has been ‘profoundly rewarding,’ says foundation leader For some people, there is a moment in time when they know exactly what they need to do in life. For... 6 November
Rae Lewis-Thornton Rae Lewis-Thornton Talks Living With AIDS 20 Years After Announcing Diagnosis On The Cover Of Essence You may not remember Rae Lewis-Thornton’s name off the top of your head, but we’re certain you... 6 November
Red ribbon What do we think about HIV/AIDS? What do Canadians know about HIV/AIDS? And what do they think about the disease? These are not... 6 November
What It Means to Be Undetectable Bop Leahy talks to the folks at AIDS Vancouver about their innovative campaign "The New Face of HIV... 6 November
Couple sitting on bench 'If you have money, you’ll live. If you don’t, you’ll die': B.C.'s Hepatitis C sufferers hope for fast drug approval A new drug touted as a miracle cure for Hepatitis C is available in B.C., but the costly treatment... 5 November
Priscilla Medeiros AIDS researcher seeks P.E.I. women A researcher from McMaster University is looking to interview P.E.I. women with HIV and AIDS to... 5 November