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Red ribbon Hepatitis C an epidemic in Canada During Monday's World Hepatitis Day, health care professionals and frontline service providers... 29 July
Medicine wheel The “7 truths of resiliency” – decolonising HIV research in Canada A Canadian Aboriginal project looking to map the resiliency of Aboriginal men who have lived with... 29 July
Young person with backpack in park Anti-HIV weapons should be used to fight hep C, researchers say Tools developed to battle HIV infection in vulnerable populations such as intravenous drugs users... 25 July
Bleeding finger and HIV test HIV Self-Testing Viable in Rural South Africa MELBOURNE, Australia -- Individuals living in rural South Africa were able to perform HIV-screening... 25 July
Mother and two children One in four HIV-positive women in Central America pressured to sterilise - study MELBOURNE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - HIV-positive women in Central America are being pressured... 25 July
Dr. Julio Montaner Vancouver doctor to help UN meet target of eradicating AIDS epidemic by 2030 A new United Nations report says the global AIDS epidemic can be ended by 2030 and a Vancouver... 25 July
Fraser Doke 'Gay and Grey': AIDS Generation Reaches Retirement Fraser Doke never expected to live past his 30s. Diagnosed with HIV in the years doctors called it... 24 July
Dr. Joep Lange New HIV strategy sets hopeful goal, amid grief of flight MH17 losses Dr. Julio Montaner, a top AIDS researcher and professor at the University of British Columbia, last... 24 July
Illustration of two men with a child surrounded by red ribbon heart Positively Dads Aslan1 always believed he would be a father—if not with a partner, then by teaming up with one... 24 July
Panelists at AIDS 2014 AIDS 2014: Focus HIV services on key groups MELBOURNE, Australia – The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Monday, July 21 that... 23 July
Bill Clinton Bill Clinton pays tribute to MH17 victims at AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne Bill Clinton was to speak on a global curse, but aimed instead to soothe a different kind of... 23 July
Group of award winners Ten organizations receive Red Ribbon Award for outstanding community leadership on AIDS MELBOURNE, 21 July 2014—Ten exceptional community-based organizations have won the 2014 Red Ribbon... 23 July
Red ribbon A tale of two nations: First Peoples’ experiences with HIV and the need for more appropriate data in Australia and Canada In the high-income countries of Canada and Australia, First Peoples face serious challenges to... 22 July
Woman in shorts walking down street AIDS conference told legalizing prostitution a simple way to curb HIV As HIV scientists, advocates and patients gather at the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne... 22 July
Francoise Barre Sinoussi HIV breakthrough reveals virus hidden in immune system cells Danish researchers have used an anti-cancer medicine to activate HIV hidden in the cells of... 22 July
Conference attendees wearing red ribbons Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: AIDS conference honours victims An international AIDS conference opened in Australia on Sunday with a tribute to several delegates... 22 July
Red ribbon Deaths of HIV researchers on MH17 "an incalculable loss in every sense" For a community that's used to tragedy, the sudden deaths of many prominent HIV researchers and... 18 July
Red ribbon Declining investment could slow research and rollout of new HIV prevention options Melbourne, Australia, 18 July 2014 – Investment in HIV prevention research fell US$50 million, or 4... 18 July
Two men in their home LGBT Baby Boomers find themselves fighting homophobia, again When 52-year-old Fraser Doke underwent a liver transplant in Vancouver last year, he found himself... 18 July
Two young men, Nathan and Sherrod Sex without fear Gabriel and his friends like to go dancing at places in Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen like Viva and... 18 July
Dr. Patricia Daly B.C. report recommends inclusive, holistic HIV prevention measures for gay and bisexual men As British Columbian gay and bisexual men continue to be overrepresented in the HIV epidemic, a new... 17 July
HIV virus Call for better education on HIV and AIDS after survey There's a call for teenagers to be given clearer education on how they can catch HIV and Aids. A... 17 July
Woman in lab coat Early HIV treatment: Tackling HIV among injecting drug users in Vietnam Nguyen Trong Hoa has been injecting heroin for 19 years but in January he finally knew he had to... 17 July
Newspaper stories on HIV/AIDS Researchers expand efforts to seek out persons with HIV/AIDS who are not taking medication and not engaged in care Regular attendance at HIV primary care visits and high adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART)... 17 July
Jesse Brown and YouthCo team. Non-profit helps HIV-positive youth The services YouthCO provides to HIV-positive youth have changed over the last 20 years as... 16 July