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Pin with Silence equals Death slogan Silence=Death co-founder on how one poster and slogan changed the AIDS movement Brooklyn artist, writer and activist Avram Finkelstein is a legend in the AIDS movement, for co-... 23 January
Does Treatment As Prevention Care for the HIV-positive? For almost 10 years, I have traveled with a group of graduate students to London, England each... 22 January
Red ribbon New Program Helps Reduce HIV Risk in African-American Women Augusta , GA -A new community program is helping African-American women embrace good health by... 22 January
UNAIDS logo AIDS infections down by a third in South Africa: UNAIDS Johannesburg: New cases of HIV and AIDS fell sharply in South Africa, said a report by the UN Aids... 21 January
National AIDS Day Gates Foundation, SA link to combat HIV, TB, malaria The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on Tuesday announced multimillion-rand partnerships with... 21 January
Yale crest Women with HIV underserved coming out of jail NEW HAVEN >> Women released from jail with HIV fare significantly worse than men do,... 21 January
 Pharmacist Sukhi Lalli 10-times-stronger methadone replacement sparks overdose fears Recovering addicts on the methadone program are being warned about a new formula hitting the market... 17 January
Face and red ribbon HIV adoption rules 'marred by discrimination' An Australian HIV law expert says the process of adopting HIV-positive babies from overseas... 17 January
Steven Boone HIV-positive prisoner loses bid for cellmate: Keeping Steven Boone in segregation has ‘serious human rights implications’, lawyer says OTTAWA — An HIV-positive Ottawa man convicted of attempted murder has lost his application to be... 17 January
Testing HCV positive has a sustained impact on drug injecting behaviour Diagnosis with hepatitis C virus (HCV) is associated with a sustained reduction in injecting drug... 17 January
A terminally ill man receives treatment at a hospice for those dying of AIDS First regional study on hepatitis C and HIV co-infection launched in Asia BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) has launched the... 16 January
Megan Kanerahtenhawi Whyte Indigenous youth taking lead in sexual health education Megan Kanerahtenhawi Whyte wasn't always comfortable talking about her sexual health. "I... 16 January
Toorjo Ghose Researcher From Penn Presents on ‘Stigma’ at World Bank, UNAIDS Conference Toorjo Ghose, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy... 16 January
Syringe and beaker Discovering where HIV persists in spite of treatment HIV antiviral therapy lets infected people live relatively healthy lives for many years, but the... 15 January
Obamacare Could Insure 171,000 People With HIV Nearly 47,000 people with HIV who are in care and an additional 124,000 who are not have the... 15 January
HIV virus Why the HIV Vaccine Is Not a Pipe Dream It’s no secret that HIV is among the most devastating viruses plaguing humanity today. The World... 15 January
Hypodermic needles Abbotsford strikes down ban on harm reduction programs Needle exchanges, methadone clinics and safe injection sites are now permitted in Abbotsford, B.C... 14 January
A drug user prepares a batch of krokodil in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. HIV Epidemic Plagues Russia as Government Rejects Prevention Methods On a chilly September evening in Novogireyevo, a Moscow suburb of concrete apartment blocks about... 14 January
Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria's new ‘Jail the Gays’ law could jeopardize HIV fight Local and international groups fighting AIDS warned on Tuesday that a new Nigerian law... 14 January
Graph of yearly investments in Global Fund Reason to Celebrate in the New Year: $12 Billion to Fight AIDS, TB & Malaria With the holidays behind us, returning to our day-to-day lives may almost seem anticlimactic. For... 14 January
 HIV-1 virions budding from a cultured lymphocyte. Researchers Demonstrate ‘Guided Missile’ Strategy To Kill Hidden HIV University of North Carolina Health Care The finding provides a new route to killing persistent HIV... 14 January
Dr. Julio Montaner Canada’s offer to the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS falls short of international peers Following World AIDS Day on December 1, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria... 10 January
HIV North logo HIV North launches new social media campaign For thousands of employees across Alberta, personal protective equipment means hard hats, boots,... 10 January
Syringe Jail makes people with HIV more likely to engage in risky behaviour: study People living with HIV are more likely to share syringes and not disclose they are HIV positive... 10 January
Peer support groups for HIV-positive women The Oak Tree Clinic sponsors three monthly peer support groups for HIV-positive women. ... 9 January